international journal of Recent advances in ICT, Scientific and engineering Research

Founding Managing Editor:
Karen Wang, All Terrain Publishing, UK

Recent Advances in ICT Scientific and Engineering Research (RAISER) is an international open access journal that timely publishes recent advances in the fields of scientific and engineering research and information communications technology. To do so, the journal works closely with conference, workshop and symposium organisers to identify contributions that represent recent advances in relevant field, solicit and support substantial and full journal article development, and rapidly publish the fully developed original works for the broadest readers through open access on-line publication, indexing and archiving.

The journal does not appoint a long-term Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editors. Each issue is themed often related to an identified conference and edited by a guest editor and their team, typically, the technical or paper chair and technical committee of a conference. On other occasions, when themes of specific importance and timeliness emerge and are identified by the journal, guest editors will be invited and call for papers announced. The journal terms this as “direct mode”.